JJRR 59 Technical sales to success coaching – Body language training – Mobile security – with Jason Frazell

Jason Frazell had been a technical sales professional and mobile security expert who despite having a successful career and beautiful family desired to be more aligned with his creative core. Listen to Ep59 as Jason describes how his love of improv comedy spawned a new entrepreneurial career in the coaching business. Pivoting into success coaching full time, Jason’s client list is growing as he’s now helping other professionals around the world uncover their own true cores and paths to success.



09:30s Spending time in the mobile  security business

14:35s Body language certification and training, executive presence

19:01s Pivoting into success coaching, gap identification and closure

23:12s Having clients move into action, the challenge of story and choice

27:30s Going to improv call and hiring a coach to help with Jason’s own career crisis

30:07s Realizing through being coached that coaching was Jason’s calling

33:35s Busting Jason’s own bs story that he’s not a creative person

37:45s The creative part of coaching and the required improvisation

40:55s Viewing technology as an accelerator / force multiplier for work flows

 47:49s Meeting expectations with technology and looking forward to community building

53:01s Realizing that entrepreneurship is personal and business systems must reflect this

56:34s  Putting things out in the world, not shutting down possibilities

“For me the most powerful part of coaching is giving people the awareness that they actually have a choice.”

 “Let’s go find your next big thing that’s aligned to actually what you want to be in the world and what you actually want to create for yourself.”

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