JJRR 60 Brisbane to Cebu – Driving company culture – Outsourcing for growth

Fiona Kesby is a CEO and single mom with a passion for fostering winning culture and leaning into technology. Listen to Ep60 as Fiona shares how, after a 6 month trial in Cebu, PH to manage her brother’s company, she agreed to relocate from Brisbane permanently and is now CEO of Go-Va, a 400+ employee global outsourcing company. Setting the standard for company culture and spearheading custom apps such as dothis.to, Fiona has grown Go-VA organically and is innovating outsourcing tech and processes.




07:03s Celebrating Go-Va’s monthly culture lunch with the CEO (Fiona)

09:55s Cost effective company culture activities in the Philippines

12:54s Difference between outsourcing and virtual assistants for growth

18:20s Starting small with virtual assistants and scaleing up

23:05s Starting out in the software business with a brother

26:30s Sourcing problems in the software biz inspires Go-Va.

28:30s Getting recruited to relocate to Cebu as a single mom. 

32:30s Officially becoming CEO

33:18s Creating a family atmosphere, getting the culture right, growing organically

34:54 Challenges of setting up a business in the Philippines

38:16s Developing www.dothis.to technology solutions for on-boarding and processes

43:30s Developing a custom gratitude app for use with dothis.to

45:44s Keeping health in focus as a driver for healthy business culture

48:25s Be brave. Don’t follow the industry standard, be the industry standard

51:06s Believe in yourself.  The importance of mindset.

“I thought why can’t I do that? You know, why can’t I reinvent my life? Do something really different and show my daughters that anything is possible.”

“Be brave, don’t follow the industry standard, be the industry standard.”

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