JJRR 67 Quarantined in Mexico as an expat – Remote job coaching – Journaling – with Jordan Carroll

Jordan Carroll is a remote job coach and digital nomad who’s been working remotely since 2014. Listen to JJRR 67 as Jordan describes what it’s like being quarantined in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and how he got into mentoring and coaching early on. Known as The Remote Job Coach, Jordan shares what he thinks is the #1 skill for remote work success and how travel and journaling have rapidly developed his mindset and adaptability in times where reinvention is now paramount.




05:08s Quarantined in Playa Del Carmen Mexico during Corona Virus as an Expat

11:05s Missing playing basketball and watching the NBA

14:50s Become a local by doing what locals do as an expat

16:42s Working remote since 2014

17:45s Drawn to mentorship and coaching at IBM

20:11s Jordan’s approach to coaching and what validates you as coach

26:18s It often costs more to not know

28:29s Figuring out the remote job equation, focusing on individuals

32:02s Copywriting, the number one skill for remote work

35:39s Examples of challenging communication styles

38:50s Journaling with the 5 minute journal

41:45s How journaling effects willpower

43:36s The impact of remote work on our future

50:46s Value of travel to develop the ability to adapt

53:42s Immersion / travel as a strategy for growth and learning

56:28s Feeling urgent about putting out a self-paced coaching course

“The number one skill by far is copywriting. Being able to write in a virtual world is so paramount to success.”

“Here’s what gives you validity as the coach, is that you create transformation.”

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