JJRR 68 Escape from NYC during Covid19 – Reinventing life as a working musician – with Steve Kortyka

Steve Kortyka is an NYC based musician, composer and educator who thrives on his weekly public performances. As member of the Brian Newman Quintet, he often finds himself performing alongside notables Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and is in the mix of the city’s best jazz musicians. Listen to JJRR 68 as Steve describes how his world shifted as he escaped NYC on the verge of Covid19 shutdown. Back in Ohio for the moment, he’s reinventing life as a working musician embracing online tools and collaboration.





05:43s Performing in Las Vegas with Brian Newman and Lady Gaga at Park MGM

11:21s Life in NYC as a performing musician before shutdown

14:27s Being confined and getting “cabin fever” densely populated Manhattan

17:44s Regrouping back in Ohio and learning more social media and video production

20:04s Previous experience with music / video production

21:42s How to tackle learning new applications: Youtube

23:35s Monetizing youtube channels, producing pdf materials for purchase

28:43s Producing multiplayer, multilocation music videos

35:04s Re-thinking approach to performing, considering track production

38:28s Receiving Grammy awards for work with Lady Gag and Tony Bennett

41:58s Steve Kortyka Solo recordings and composing

47:13s Impact of digging into technology

50:07s Performing live online with Stageit

53:38s Feeling the urge to create more content

 “Writing your own music really helps me grow and just think more creatively.”

“I think there’s a … disconnect that’s happening as we travel more into this, this digital world.”

“I see a lot of positives.  I can see how this can bring people together in just ways that you couldn’t have imagined before the virus happened.”

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