JJRR 69 Exploring uncommon instruments – TikTok collabs – Building music community – with Hal Walker

Hal Walker is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who discovered the African banakula strolling the streets of Kent, Ohio. Listen to JJRR 69 as Hal describes how his videos featuring the banakula (a type of shaker) and other uncommon instruments like the Thai khaen mouth organ are creating a buzz on TikTok. Using TikTok’s duet and react features, collaborations with other TikTokkers have his vids going viral, building music community and Hal’s own YouTube show This Moment in Music.


@banakula on Tik Tok


07:08s An unlikely Tik Tok candidate, playing unconventional instruments in a modern way

09:15s Explaining the African banakula percussion instrument that went viral on Tik Tok

 10:12s Discovering the banakula on the streets of Kent, Ohio

12:28s Playing video game themes on the Khaen mouth organ from Northeast Thailand / Laos

14:25s Discovering the Khaen through ethnomusicology professor at Kent State University

18:06s Getting into guitar, harmonica and percussion in college

22:06s Explaining Tik Tok and its capabilities

24:40s Collaborating on Tik Tok

26:23s Building the music community on Tik Tok

27:57s Working as a visiting artist and the wisdom of a 5th grader

29:40s Going viral with a 15s video

32:01s This Moment in Music youtube show

36:33s Tips on Tik Tok

37:35s Loving video editing and embracing music production tools

40:42s Addicted to watching tutorials on youtube

43:01s Urgency to build career, creating a community or artists

“It’s essentially a platform for being creative in less than a minute and those are the things I’m best at.”

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