JJRR 74 Create 1 year of marketing in 5 days – This Is Temporary – with Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth Pampalone loves libraries, computers and old people. Following these passions, she’s gone from tech geek to marketing maven founding Absolute Marketing. Listen to JJRR 74 as Elizabeth explains how discovering HTML as a teenager at her local library led her down the tech path and how out of necessity she developed her signature marketing system. Evolving her own entrepreneurship skills, Creating 1 year of marketing in 5 days now helps other businesses leverage the scalability of digital.


05:29s The right fit for absolute marketing;  5 marketing solutions in 5 days for 1 year

08:18s Working with established companies

12:46s Day 1: Creating / updating a brand and creating ebook

15:36s Day 2: Creating a new website, info / membership / ecommerce, scalable for growth

19:01s Day 3: Social media – defining target audiences and platforms

22:55s Evergreen content and understanding touches and frequency

26:49s Day 4: Blogging: who needs a blog?  SEO reasons and techniques

31:04s Day 5: Email marketing, not transactional funnels! Funnels for audience lifestyle

36:27s Discovering HTML at the library as a teenager

40:38s Starting out programming access databases and hating cube life

41:30s Getting divorced, moving back, moving to Florida

42:30s Making a job because her mom told her

43:41s Old people, computers and the start of entrepreneurship

46:02s Marketing herself and developing her own marketing systems

48:56s Evolution and reinventing 20 times over the last 15 years

52:34s This is temporary, Elizabeth’s mantra

56:50s Relying on instincts: New stuff is rarely good

01:00:52s Wanting to be Audrey Hepburn

“My next urgent thing was to be on more stages… and that’s why I really turned to podcasting.”




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