JJRR 77 21 Points of Positivity for 2021 – Priming Guide for Reinvention – JJRR website update – with JimJim

It’s 2021 and a hopeful time for the new year! Listen to JJRR 77 as JimJim breaks down his 21 points of positivity for 2021 and drops the release of the new JJRR website and Priming Guide. A first ever digital download for JJRR, JimJim describes what priming is and why he thinks it’s the necessary first step for reinvention. Listen to the end for book references and health tips building immune system to fight Covid 19.


01 Thanks for listening, listener reviews!

02 New JJRR website released, thanks Rachel.

03 Priming Guide for Reinvention released, thanks Rachel

04 Thank you MGS Global Group, Architect My Life released

05 This is Temporary, thanks for Elizabeth Pampalone

06 Endurance mindset, thanks to Marie Fill / Adair

 07 Billions, Billions, Billions! Thanks Bobby Axelrod

08 Investment coaching, thanks friends

09 DoorDash, need I say may?

10 Sax lessons and Musescore with Steve Kortyka

11 EHM water pitcher, alkaline water

12 FB streams and Fiona’s Den – Ricky Exton

13 DuraFlame logs, the best!

14 New client – reinvention coaching

15 Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

16 Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

17 House hunting with Melodie from Progressive Urban

18 Fight Covid 19 with Melatonin by Dr. Richard Hansler

19 Pre / Pro biotics and Vitamin D3 and K2 with Dr Irena

20 First time portfolio goal setting

21 Vornado humidifier for you sinus health

“Remember reinvention is better than resolution.” – JimJim

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