JJRR Ep10 Fearlessness – Discovering you’re an entrepreneur – Reimagining women’s active apparel

So did you ever crash and burn on your first Kickstarter project?  Or totally misread how big your target market might be?  I love the fearlessness that Reid demonstrates in Episode 10 as she dives into entrepreneurship and shares some of her failures.   She’s got a new custom women’s apparel company that’s addressing the stylish active segment that she now realizes is the right fit (pun intended!).  She sums up her experience perfectly with this quote.  “I realized at that point marketing is a conversation.”  Listen to the end of the episode to find out how to support her new project that’s kicking off Sept. 26 on www.Ifundwomen.com.


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04:15s: Reid’s epiphany with women’s custom clothing

06:28s Body scanners with Alton Lane

07.58s Reid describes her own reinvention – thinking about being a fashion designer as a child

08:59s Volunteering in the Peace Core in Togo Africa

11:49s Getting a degree in public health and bike commuting in Durham, NC

13:25s Why does my clothing suck for biking?

17:50s How do you know you’re not in the right career? Realizing you’re an entrepreneur

22:25s Pivoting from public health to starting her own apparel company

29:00s How to start designing without any experience

31:58s Product and process go together

34:45s Failing at Kickstarter and learning that marketing is a conversation

41:45s Finding your market

49:20s Partnering with local suppliers

51:04s ifundwomen.com and creating a video project to show custom process

54:30s One woman trying it

“Go for the really big idea and let it take 10 years.”

“I realized at that point that marketing is a conversation”

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