JJRR Ep12 Ecommerce mindset – Happiness – Benefits of coaching with Asheer Ahmed

Asheer Ahmed, an expert ecommerce mindset coach,  runs several successful ecommerce sites and helps people interested in ecommerce / drop shipping build their businesses.   In Episode 12 he talks about his journey studying engineering in college and discovering ecommerce.   After traveling for an extended time in southeast Asia to grow his skills and businesses, Asheer is back in the states and sharing his success by coaching others.     





The Happiness Hypothesis Jonathon Haidt

05:19s Asheer’s first experience in the working world of engineering

06:28s Self awareness – knowing you’re not a good engineer and not liking the environment

07:50s Discovering Johnny FD’s blog and finding inspiration for making money online

10:02s Not feeling worthy enough to invest in yourself, all about mindset

12:50s Getting a first sale online without having any previous experience

15:48s Deciding to move to Chiang Mai Thailand and hiring a mindset coach

17:45s Hiring a coach, making $30K in no time and feeling like a millionaire

21:08s Why Asheer is coaching

24:35s Why Asheer still gets coached himself

29:57s Mindset and action

35:03s The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathon Haidt H = S + C +V

40:38s Conferences, tradeshows and attending a Tony Robbins event

“People just aren’t taking enough action.”

“Babysteps, babystep it.”

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