JJRR Ep13 Drones for bridge inspection – 3D printing in Civil Engineering – Power lifting with James Hillegas

James Hillegas is a civil engineer who’s into exploring technology and is soaking it up like a sponge.  He’s a forward thinker who has developed a drone expertise and is reimagining 3D printing with river sediment.  He works full time for a full service engineering firm, runs two podcasts and still finds time for his passion of power lifting,  all while working on his masters degree.   Listen to episode 13 as we discuss the traditional bridge inspection process and how drones are changing the game.   

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02:40s Sundown Rundown Organization

05:10s Blu Jazz Akron

06:01s Akron Public Library creative clound / maker equipment

07:02s Using drones for bridge inspections

8:21s Who owns bridges anyway?

09:15s The 1967 bridge collapse in Ohio

10:45s How traditional bridge inspection works and value of drones for inspections

15:10s New sensing capabilities now available for drones to carry

17:10s Lidar (laser radar) suppliers Leddartech and Velodyne

20:50s Reading research papers, cold emailing reference sources, finding opportunity

23:52s FAA pilot licensing for drones

29.35s Graduate work in Civil Engineering, 3D printing using sediment

37:45s Podcasting, technology and power lifting

“I’m not the typical engineer, I do like to workout and be a meathead.”

#drones #civilengineering #sundownrundown #powerlifting

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