JJRR Ep16 Music festival producing – Growing the arts cutlure in Akron, OH – with touring musician / actor Theron Brown

In addition to being a touring musician and music professor, Theron Brown is the visionary and founder of Akron, OH’s Rubber City Jazz and Blues Festival.  Theron is a driving force on the arts scene in Northeast Ohio and in episode 16 we talk about how he’s been able to go from gigging musician to actor, playing Herbie Hancock in “Miles Ahead” directed by Don Cheadle, to music festival producer, and more recently to becoming one of Akron’s 30 for the Future. Listen to the end to find out about his NYE show with Dan Wilson.  








05:01s How I met Theron as a gigging musician

06:15s Living in New York and gigging on the Mississippi Queen paddle boat

08:35s Playing Herbie Hancock in Don Cheadle’s film “Miles Ahead” film with Ewan McGregor

13:12s The impact of being in a film – thinking bigger

16:50s Teaching at three colleges: KSU, YSU and Tri-C.

17:50s Working with the Knight Foundation to foster a vision for the arts

21:10s Detroit Jazz Festival as inspiration for Rubber City Jazz and Blues festival

24:30s Akron and the regional midwest vibe and sound of music

27:30s The genesis of the Rubber City Jazz and Blues fest with the Knight Arts Challenge

30:04s Grasping opportunity and building skills to grow into a festival producer

35:20s The nuts and bolts and what it takes to produce a music festival

38:12s Renaissance of art and culture in Akron, OH and Northeast Ohio Region

46:03s Being recognized by Akron Chamber of Commerce with 30 for the Future Award

47:50s: Leadership Akron program – and how it helped with producing the festival

50:00s Mumbai jazz fest and visiting during monsoon season

52:12s OpenTone Music and is gets music into the public schools

53:52s New Year’s eve with Dan Wilson, Chris Coles, and Tom Lehman at Blu Jazz

“As things change, we have to change too, with technology especially”

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