JJRR Ep18 Skipping college – Retiring at 35 – Building a personal finance community – with Sean Merron

So what are you majoring in? This question is such a great conversation starter in college but Sean Merron may never know. Sean skipped college by landing a $40k/yr job at 17 and is on schedule to retire at age 35. In Episode 18 listen to Sean describe his early challenges with personal finance and how he recently reinvented / downsized his family’s lifestyle on their path to early retirement.  And now that he’s mastered personal finance for himself, he’s sharing his knowledge by building a PF community with the 2 Frugal Dudes podcast.   







04:23s Detoxing from FinCon (2017)

07:30s Taking a chance with sending a selfie video in an email blast

12:01s Trying a different career path starting in high school

13:32s Landing a $40k a year job at 17 and skipping college

16:01s Buying a $50,000 BMW at 19 while living in your parents house

19:10s Approaching 30yrs old with big house, pool, 2 kids and pets and having no time

21:30s Discovering concept of early retirement and re-designing your lifestyle

24:00s The basics for calculating retirement age www.fireagecalc.com

29:03s Paying off debt and deciding to downsize

35:10s On schedule to retire at 35 years old

38:35s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

42:10s Sean’s entrepreneurial experience and doing a 180 on creating an audience first

50:36s Investment risk when you’re close to retirement

52:43s Understanding regulation and privacy concerns

57:13s Embracing change “Don’t quit, change”

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