JJRR Ep21 Decentralized blockchain applications – Token based short term rentals – A founder’s view – with Ali Ayyash

Ali Ayyash is a co-founder of Bee Token, a San Francisco based startup that is reinventing the home sharing economy.  Ali has spent time working for Amazon and Google in the centralized software world but is now developing decentralized applications on the blockchain.  Listen to Episode 21 as we dig deep and discuss blockchain technology, Etherium, tokens and key aspects of decentralized apps such as payments, arbitration and trust.  “It’s everybody’s cloud” – Ali on Blockchain technology



03:40s Building the Bee Token and preparing for token sale

05:14s Background on blockchain, Bitcoin and Etherium

07:16s Ether coin as a gas, mining, and Etherium blockchain

08:20s Crypto-economics – providing incentives to properly maintain blockchain apps

09:10s The Bee token and ERC-20 coins and crowd sale

11:58s Blockchain is a concept and competitive blockchains

14:26s Centralized vs decentralized sharing economy – what value decentralization brings

18:08s Why decentralization can provide more trust by trustless mathematical formulas

21:56s Benefits or decentralization – security, aligning incentives and lower costs

23:52s What is “gas” and how gas prices are set for Etherium apps

25:55s Decentralized short term rentals

28:15s 3 keys for short term rentals – payments, reputation, and arbitration

31:30s Building protocols for payments, reputation and arbitration for all dapps

33:45s Ali’s background in working for centralized companies Amazon and Google

36:25s Getting into writing smart contracts and realizing commerce and technology are merging

40:28s Benefit of Bee token for short term rental hosts

42:14s Cryptocurrency market exists – Bee token is first to address it for short term rentals

44:55s Being a founder of a new token company and why

51:20s The unsettling feeling of working in a “greenfield” technology space

54:24s Meetups, white papers and attending conferences as a source of reinvention

“To me, when I first heard of blockchain earlier last year, it was like oh this is a familiar concept because it’s the cloud, but it’s everybody’s cloud.”

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