JJRR Ep23 Leaving Spain – Dropshipping – Influencer Marketing – with Jose Luis Marin

Have you ever had an out of body experience?  Jose Luis Marin is a digital marketer who’s cracked the code on using influencer marketing to drive traffic for his drop-shipping business.  And not so long ago, Jose was having that out of body experience; wondering whom among him and his friends might be successful or live a special life.  Listen  to Episode 23 where Jose describes why he left Spain to come to the US for opportunity.  Discovering dropshipping, Jose  has recently left his consulting career behind for entrepreneurship on his own terms.     




4:03s Speaking at Dropship Lifestyle retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

5:11s Joining Dropship Lifestyle and getting into ecommerce

5:45s Growing up in Spain and being curious about doing something on your own

6:35s New Year’s eve with friends and having an out of body experience

8:20s What drives you to take action, Jose’s upbringing in Grenada, Spain

10:04s Coming to US for 6 month project and staying

11:41s Still working full time, going to dropship retreat in Kona, HI without telling anyone

16:45s Working long hours on your business in addition to working full time

21:30s Staying motivated by connecting with other members of DSL community

23:16s Calling your boss on Friday and telling him you’ll have my resignation on Monday

29:45s Using paid traffic for ecommerce and not getting sales

31:10s Realizing paid traffic is expensive and does not build trust

31:32s Partnering with bloggers to build trust and gaining back links for SEO

34:22s Understanding the customer journey, the key to serving your niche

40:30s Outsourcing to build a team of virtual assistants

45:45s Ice climbing in Patagonia and taking advantage of being your own boss

52:31s Struggling with everything

54:30s The entrepreneurial mindset and listening to podcasts

“You know something that I learned in my short entrepreneurial journey, is that sometimes we want to do something but we don’t do it because we have some internal fear or we are shutting ourselves down.”

“I think that the only difference between someone that was able to grow a business and is having some success and myself, is just that they tried. And I ended up trying.”

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