JJRR Ep28 Running your business from a boat – Ditching autopilot and building your dream life – with Dream Business Coach Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a business coach and marketing guru who’s been enjoying his new lifestyle this past year living and running his businesses from his new 50 ft boat. No surpise as Jim is known as the Dream Business Coach and routinely helps his clients navigate their waters on the way to 6 and 7 figure businesses.  Now a master digital marketer, Jim has grown from his early days as the Newsletter Guru to a Dream Business Coach helping others create their dream life; all while enjoying his life on the water.  #sailing





05:14s Starting No Hassle New Letters in 2007 and coaching in 2009

05:58s One year anniversary of living on a 50 foot boat

08:35s Starting on drums but moving to guitar, a constant companion

10:35s Learning to drive a twin engine boat on Youtube

13:25s Printing newletters, moving to technology based distribution

15:10s The Newsletter Guru and overcoming your own “head trash”

18:10s Difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner

19:56s The imposter syndrome

22:28s Become immune to criticism, judge the value you offer, not methodologies

28:00s Letting yourself flow, being self aware

33:10s Best investment for entrepreneurs to get to 6 figures

36:30s Value of coaching and being able to move clients along

40:15s Reactive vs proactive and hot to put a stake in the ground

44:06s Learning to be a speaker

47:12s Dealing with internet at sea, life of a boat based business

49:50s Getting out of your comfort zone, dealing with what if syndrome and saying yes

53:45s Diagnosed with cancer at age 41, a wakeup call

“So much of the training that I do and working with my clients, I don’t make them better at what they do, I make them better entrepreneurs”

So what’s really important is you have to become more married to the goal and not necessarily (married to) how you get there.”

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