JJRR Ep34 Going All The Way Up with ecommerce – Building a lifestyle brand – with J Keitsu

So did you ever read that  one book cover to cover in one sitting at your local bookstore that changed your life?  J Keitsu is an entrepreneur / digital marketer who loves music and fashion, and is a real deal b-boy that can break  and dance hip hop.  Listen to Ep 34 to hear J Keitsu describe how reading one key book started his journey into 8 figure success in ecommerce and how he’s now going All the Way Up building a lifestyle brand; opening a dance / fitness studio and releasing a new line of supplements.#allthewayup @empireflippers @ecomlifestyle #iowacorn #bboy



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 07:35s How great the corn in Iowa is

10:23s Evolution of All the Way Up into a lifestyle brand

18:21s Impressions of Dropship lifestyle retreat, making great friendships

20:18s J’s approach to drop-shipping, low ticket vs high ticket

23:19s Order processing and fulfillment for a low ticket drop-shipping

26:24s Working at GoDaddy

28:04 Reading the 4-hour work week and quitting the day job

30:30s Doing my b-boy stuff because of having more time

33:02s Learning ecommerce by trial and error

34:13s The Facebook tip that made a difference for J’s business

38:22s Clickfunnels and how it’s applied to ecommerce, split testing sales funnels

41:17s The real marketing component of ecommerce, implementing what you know

43:13s Leveraging Instagram and Facebook feed to find products and design funnels

45;18s Building a team to go All the Way Up

48:23s All the Way Up studios open July 14

50:01s Loving technology and seeing it as a solution

51:46s Cryptocurrency and e-payments in drop-shipping

53:20s Taking the approach that you’re always a student and never a master

“It all started for me with a book called the 4 hour work week.”

“Your Facebook and IG (instagram) feed are literally a goldmine of different business models and funnels out there.”

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