JJRR Ep35 Pioneering a neighborhood cafe – Sparking community – Riding the lion of entrepreneurship – with Nicole Gillota-Brichacek

Nicole Gillota-Brichacek is a barista and baker who’s been “riding the lion”  of entrepreneurship since opening Gypsy Beans, a full service euro style bakery café 12 years ago.  Listen to Ep35 as she describes how, as an inexperienced entrepreneur, she opened in a developing neighborhood on the westside of Cleveland, OH.  Working with local development partners, Nicole has taken Gypsy Beans from a spark to a catalyst for community, where it’s arguably ground zero for the growing neighborhood. 


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05:45s Jumpstart’s Startup Scaleup event for entrepreneurs

07:27s Gypsy Beans – a euro style, full service café

09:02s Being an early adopter of a neighborhood, becoming an anchor

10:55s Student study sessions, going with the neighborhood, not driving agendas

13:50s Talkies coffee shop, an all time favorite, where Nicole gained experience

17:10s Leaving Talkies and buying a bakery

19:00s Too fiercely independent to work for other people

20:04s Respecting your employees and working hard for their dreams

23:01s How not being present through life changes affected the shop and staff

29:14s Missing the community aspect of barista-ing while running the bakery

31:10s Having to prove yourself to a community

36:30s Having a vision of expanding to smaller styled stores but failing execution

41:30s Now having a family, Gypsy Beans on its own is very fulfilling

45:30s The role of technology in Nicole’s life and for Gypsy Beans

51:20s Plain register point of sale system and sales tracking

53:35s Starting Uber eats on the down low to understand the value

58:30s Experience in the wild as a pack chef

01:02:04s Finding reinvention through faith and listening

01:09:03s Gypsy Beans coffee and pastry the Nicole brought me! Awesomeness.

“In my barista life, there’s been this amazing phenomenon of seeing community grow.”

“I’ll work hard for your dreams, while you’re here, if you work hard for mine.”

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