JJRR Ep39 Finding FIRE as a physician – Discovering new talents through blogging – with Leif

Leif is an anesthesiologist on FIRE (financially independent / retired early) who’s found a passion for personal finance and blogging.   Listen to Ep39 as Leif describes how he first discovered the FIRE concept and at age 39 realized he had attained financial independence. Now at 42, discovering his new writing skills, Leif is transitioning from his medical career to spend time traveling with his family and sharing his passion for FIRE with other medical professionals through his blog Physician on FIRE.


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04:10s An anesthesiologist on FIRE (financially independent / retired early)

05:54s Discovering the FIRE concept through Mr. Money Mustach article

06:50s Realizing you are financially independent at 42 years old

08:32s Overcoming skepticism about “retiring early”

11:57s Do it yourself investing, self-educating on personal finance with Andrew Tobias

16:05s Thinking harder about walking away from your main career, identity issue

20:08s Taking the leap of faith in walking away without having ability to return to career

25:02s Starting the Physician on FIRE without any blogging experience

29:10s Discovering how to break the twitch at CampFI

31:50s Keeping an open mind and maintaining flexible future plans

34:45s Appreciating you may have different skills that were previously untried or undeveloped

“There’s a bit of a leap of faith walking away …what would happen after 3 months or 6 months, I guess I don’t know yet”

“Just roll with the punches I guess, or be the one throwing them”

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