JJRR Ep41 Traditional Thai massage – Same same but different – with Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch is a masterful masseur and student of body work whose love of Thai style massage has benefitted clients worldwide.  Listen to Ep 41 as Kevin describes how after a time in construction a friend encouraged him to follow his early inclinations and pursue massage therapy.  Founding Traditional Thai Massage Cleveland, Kevin splits his time between Thailand, the States and wherever his clients take him.   And now, opportunities are leading to his latest reinvention as teacher and trainer.  




03:21s Traditional Thai massage

05:09s Masseuse vs Masseur, Thai vs table massage

08:15s Energy pathways and Thai massage

9:08s Having an inclination to start massage as a kid, creating a massage menu at 10 yrs old

11:30s Early years out of massage school and working on big athletes

14:02s Starting in a spa out of school and finding the Schvitz, a European style bathhouse

18:15s Starting to work with professional athletes

20:25s Discovering Thai massage and having an ahhhhh! Moment

23:10s Self training and practicing Thai massage

25:15s Traveling to Thailand for first time in 2012 to discover spiritual and cultural Thailand

29:20s Studying different body work modalities in Thailand

32:05s Traveling to Europe and Japan with the Cleveland Orchestra

35:40s Doing quality work an educating, referrals only

40:03s Meeting Kevin for first time in Chiang Mai, Thailand

44:02s Technology as a double-edged sword, finding balance

51:14s Being open minded is easy

54:04s Same same but different

“This is my life, massage isn’t work for me, I don’t go to work everyday, I go to life everyday.”

“I had a friend say to me why don’t you stop breaking your back and start fixin ‘em. And that’s what compelled me to go to massage therapy school.”

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