JJRR Ep45 Utilities on blockchain – Customer engagement through gamification – with Laura Steinbrink and Fran DiDonato

Serial entrepreneur Laura Steinbrink and lawyer turned operations director Fran DiDonato, have a new vision for engaging with utilities.  Listen to Ep45 as Laura shares how the Northeast blackout of 2003 was the spark she needed to found Brilliency, a web portal and mobile platform that is aggregating gas, electric and water data for customers and service providers.  And now partnering with Swytch.io, Brilliency is bringing utilities management to the blockchain providing visibility and rewards.




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04:32s Impressions of Blockland Solutions 2018 blockchain conference

06:23s The 2003 blackout; impetus for Brilliency the company

10:04s Fostering dynamic and realtime relationships with utilities

11:21s A web portal to drive engagement

13:25s Soon to rollout mobile application, dashboard for all utilities

16:33s IOT integration and how it will improve efficiency

18:43s Fran’s thoughts on developing data source with utilities

20:50s Functionality within the app and integrating gamification

24:02s Challenge of utilities’ centralized legacy infrastructure

26:30s Transactive energy

28:18s Partnering with Swytch.io to tokenize value in utilities

32:25s Rollout plan for mobile app and market / product confirmation

34:01s Realizing you’re a serial entrepreneur

38:00s Dealing with change and having your head hard wired for pattern recognition

45:31s Being super impatient and lessons of letting go learned through entrepreneurship

“It’s called transactive energy…we are designing the platform that will facilitate the transactive energy market.”

“What we know today is not gonna be the same thing we that we know three years from now, five years from now…..evolution is embedded, change is embedded in technology.

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