JJRR Ep48 Offshoreing homecare – Leaving Hollywood for the Philippines – with Laurice Chiongbian

Laurice Chiongbian is a new entrepreneur whose 3 year old homecare BPO (outsourcing) business is bringing efficient home health business processes to the States. Listen to Ep48 as Laurice describes how quitting her job in fashion and leaving Hollywood for the Philippines was the spark she needed to create her new reality. Deciding to stay in Cebu and now married with children, the founder of Qavalo has already created 60 jobs and is creating new career paths for local Filipinos.


06:50s Cebu, Philippines and the offices of Qavalo.com

08:01s Greetings in Cebu’s visayan language 

08:52s Qavalo, a homecare agency servicing US clients

10:04s Home health as defined by center for Medicare and Medicaid

11:38s Backend home health processes once you’re a homebound patient

14:49s Quality credentialed personnel that review the medical procedures

21:11s Call centers and outsourcing landscape in the Philippines

23:13s Learning English, Tagalog and Visayan in and out of school

28:01s Growing up in California and spending Summers in Cebu.

29:05a Getting burnt out in Hollywood and escaping to Cebu.

35:15s Getting an MBA at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila

37:30s Deciding to go back to corporate world out of grad school, but having Visa issues

40:15s Finding love and staying in Cebu rather than working corporate in Manila

42:30s Staying in Cebu, getting married and having 3 children

45:02s Turning toward entrepreneurship

47:41s Finding the idea for Qavalo using desired lifestyle parameters

51:38s Traveling to Arizona to research the onshore process

54:50s Understanding the big picture, understanding your customer’s your customer

57:38s Dealing with technology not being a techie

1:01:40s Giving yourself mindspace

1:06:15s Realizing you really can create your own reality

“Sometimes it’s (embracing a new life) not always propelled by a knowledge of what you do want to do but a strong enough conviction of what you don’t.”

“One thing I’ve realized in my 3 years of entrepreneurship is, is you have to give yourself that mindspace.”

“I think what the 10 years have really taught me is that you can absolutely create your reality.”

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