JJRR Ep49 Live music club management in Bangkok – Producing tracks – Leaving Ireland for Oz and SE Asia – with Keith Nolan

Keith Nolan is a musician, singer and music producer who’s recently pivoted into live music club management. Listen to Ep49 as Keith shares insights on reinventing the historic Checkinn99 as GM and gives his take on the Bangkok scene. Hear why he left Ireland for Australia where he became a full time musician and how he got a taste of club management in Vietnam while developing his production skills in the advertising industry. Continuing to perform and produce, Keith is relishing his new role.






05:30s Keith’s band Cottonmouth Wednesday nights at Apoteka Soi11

07:05s Music exchange between Thai locals with American GI’s

08:25s King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and jazz saxophonist

10:55s Becoming general manager of the iconic Checkinn99, live music club in Bangkok

15:45s Club operations and previous jazz club management experience in Vietnam

19:12s Improvements to the club, creating intimacy and value

22:35s Website strategy and understanding live music club target markets

27:09s Starting out as an electrician in Dublin, Ireland

29:35s Selling everything and buying a one-way ticket to Australia

32:10s Hitting a blues jam in Melbourne and quitting the day gig

35:10s Finding new music challenges in Vietnam

37:35s Moving to Vietnam and composing for ad agencies

41:40s Touring the world Yothu Yindi and hanging with Lenny Kravitz

45:15s Jamming with Japanese band Ricky and FSP at Checkinn99

47:40s Moving to Bangkok, opening a recording studio, producing music for resorts

53:08s The ever changing digitization music industry and changing values

57:45s Working with Deni Hines and collaborations as a source of creativity and reinvention

1:02:40s Taking a business course and learning to juggle

“Try to evolve, try to survive…  As a musician we spend most of our lives surviving.”

“When you’ve got a new skill.  You feel like you’re on top of the world. And I’ve never forgot that in everything I’ve done.”

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