JJRR Ep50 Reinventing language education online – Nomad Summit Chiang Mai Review – with polyglot Ly ́dia Machova ́

Ly ́dia Machová is an interpreter, a polyglot and language mentor that is reinventing language education. Listen to Ep50 as she describes her journey from interpreting and teaching English in her native Slovakia to developing her own language mentoring system and bringing it online. Recently a featured speaker at Nomad Summit 2019 Chiang Mai, Lydia, who speaks 8 languages, shares her thoughts on becoming an entrepreneur and embracing her new digital nomad lifestyle.


05:02s Discovering the city of Pai in Northern Thailand

07:30s Reaction to the Nomad Summit / starting a digital nomad lifestyle

12:21s Traveling and decision making

13:32s Language mentoring, learning to learn a language on your own

16:24s Busting myths of learning languages

22:00s Learning vs teaching and taking responsibility

24:06s Studying interpreting at University

25:30s Moving from interpreting to online language training

29:41s Exchanging value for value networking

31:30s Starting locally in Slovakia

35:30s Testing product ideas using live seminars

38:28s Moving sales online

43:36s Learning ecommerce and developing a team

46:41s Traveling as a way to open your mind and discovering expert business niche

49:30s Podcasting as easiest way to open your mind

52:13s The impact of discovering info / expert business as a niche

“I totally believe in the power of learning and not teaching.”

“I think the easiest way to open your mind is actually to listen for example to podcasts.”

“And once you apply one method that you like in practice a lot…. The results will come necessarily.”

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