JJRR Ep52 Life coaching with a PhD – Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India – with Casey Onder

Casey Onder is achievement oriented by nature. But with a PhD in Industrial organizational psychology and Master’s in Counseling psychology, working in the corporate world left her wanting. Listen to Ep52 as she shares how in 2018 she dropped everything to travel the world for 7 months, fan her love of yoga and start a coaching practice. Now a life and career coach, Casey is helping those committed to pivoting their own careers transform their lives and achieve professional and personal success.




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05:17s Height requirements for Life Coaching

08:45s What is a life coach?

11:02s Focusing on people transitioning or shifting their careers

15:08s How much life experience is required for life coaching?

18:58s Getting a PhD in industrial organizational psychology

20:45s Artificial intelligence for recruiting and job search

22:30s Working on qualifying / grading executives

24:50s Deciding to leave the corporate world

28:38s 7 months travel to get back in touch with yourself

31:14s Exploring southern India and Ashtanga yoga in Mysore

34:20s Getting clarity on what to say no to

37:24s Undertaking life coach training

45:51s Developing a one on one coaching program for people in career crisis

49:46s How to keep an open mind and becoming more self aware

52:02s Tracy Goss, the Last Word on Power

55:02s Realizing success doesn’t happen in a vacuum

“Coaching is not advice…  It’s asking questions and leading your through a process that will help you find the answers yourself.”

“A coach doesn’t need to have your answers. They are facilitating a process that helps you generate your own answers.”

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