JJRR Ep9 Rock n roll journalist writes a new story with her own social media agency

Have you ever driven across country with Axel Rose by your side to chase your dream of becoming rock n roll journalist?  In Episode 9 I sit down with Stefanie LaHart as she describes her journey from journalism to running her own social media agency and why she was attending Podcast Movement 2017.   Having taught herself how to build websites on her own in 1996, she now has focused her energy on social media and is bringing the “boom” to her own agency.  Oh and spoiler alert: it’s probably not the Axel Rose you were thinking of, but listen in to find out what happened to Axel at the end of the drive.   





02:30s Facebook stalking and running with glitter in Hollywood

07:30s Stefanie’s shiny personality and how great she is at engagement

8:30s Graduating with a degree in journalism, Earnest Hemingway and Rock n Roll

10:30s Driving cross country to Los Angeles with $500 and a hamster named Axel Rose

12:06s Finding a job in Los Angeles, working for Circus Magazine

13:02s Getting drunk with Deep Purple at the Riot House and hearing from the band themselves      how “Smoke on the water” came to be.

15:05s Realizing the life of a rock and roll journalist was not for her

17:15s Discovering the Internet in the 90’s and never coming back from the online world

18:30s Developing her company’s website on her own in 1996, self taught!

21:00s Becoming a full time web designer

24:35s Keeping an open mind with the changing technological landscape

26:15s Pivoting from website building to social media

32:45s Stefanie drops a Facebook posting hack for 2017

35:10s Why I came to Podcast Movement 2017

38:15s Boomtown Marketing (Stefanie’s agency), “Conversations Create Customers”

42:30s Babies and facial recognition, the power of social media to change the world

46:30s Exclusive on Stefanie’s next reinvention

49:34s Volunteering at Social Media Marketing show, Josh Elledge and UpendPR.com

56:30s Social Proofing in social media and real life

1:00:00s Get a free gift from Stefanie and Boomtown Marketing

“What I realized early on is that conversations create customers”


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