JJRR 78 Researching radical change – Killing sacred cows – German autos going electric – with Dr. Stephan Meyer

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Stephan Meyer found his passion for digital transformation early in his corporate consulting career, yet always felt little was known about the radical change businesses now need. Listen to JJRR 78 as Stephan describes how, after recently receiving his PHD in radical organizational change, he’s now a bona fide Sacred Cow Exterminator. Change now his mission, Stephan shares his views on whether every organization needs radical change and how to identify it. (NOTE: no animals were harmed in this episode).

Start – Stephan Meyer

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05:50s Metaphor of the sacred cow, two kinds of change

09:06s Finding an interdisciplinary Doctorate program in England

13:25s Does every organization need radical change?

18:40s Looking at the Cow Canvas, how do you if you need change?

25:55s Choosing entrepreneurship to evangelize about radical change

27:41 Thomas Kuhn and paradigm shifts

33:14s Electric vehicles and the change challenge for German auto industry

36:45s Impact of Corona crisis, discovering virtual capabilities of business

41:18s Lessons from German railways ticketing shift to internet

“I also saw this kind of change I call radical change which is the change where the rules of the game are changing.”  – Dr. Stephan Meyer

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