JJRR 79 Quarter life crisis to life coach – Kajabi for knowledge based businesses – with Lindsay Hanson

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Lindsay Hanson is a life and business coach who’s committed to serving others while living a life of freedom and doing work she loves. Listen to JJRR 79 as she describes how she knew on day ONE that her corporate career as a CPA would never be fulfilling and how she quit her job to start fitness coaching online without any experience. Pivoting to life coaching within a year, Lindsay is now aligned and thriving helping others unleash their passions and developing their lives and businesses.

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07:02s Starting in tax accounting and not enjoying it on day one!

11:31s Having her quarter life crisis a year into her corporate career

13:05s Planning a path as a fitness trainer

17:02s Getting the idea to just start coaching fitness clients online without experience

19:48s Taking time over Thanksgiving and deciding to quit, realizing fear is the only block

23:26s Quitting is not for everyone

25:08s Switching to life coaching after 9 months

28:54s Coaching older clients and being coached by younger coaches

36:04s Hiring a business coach after quitting her job, not needing a website

41:18s The value of using Kajabi for online business, consolidating applications

46:26s Technology being integrated easily into her life, embracing it for business

51:40s Realizing that the easiest and most effective way to make money was being herself

54:15s Quit your job sis podcast, an authentic way to get your message out

“It only took me about a year to realize I can’t do this for the next 40 years of my life, or I will never feel fulfilled.” – Lindsay Hanson

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