JJRR 80 Impact billionaires – Getting real, not right – Clarity for 2021 – with David Taylor-Klaus

David Taylor-Klaus is an entrepreneur and executive coach who helps clients rewire their thinking and unleash their capacity to become impact billionaires. Listen to JJRR 80 as David describes how hurricane Katrina was the catalyst for him hitting rock bottom and how through his own reinvention went from the “should life” to the “could life”. Leaving his
tech business behind and pivoting into coaching, David now helps his clients transform their own lives and the lives of others on a grand scale.


https://amzn.to/3vJIzbg David’s book Mindset Mondays

https://amzn.to/3rRjiJN The Four Agreements

07:49s Impact billionaires, having a positive impact on a billion people

10:23s A coaching approach to raising children

13:34s Unleashing massive contributions through coaching / why have a coach?

17:50s Writing the book you need to read Mindset Mondays with DTK

19:36s Linking personal success to your business and failing hitting rock bottom

21:28s Pulling back from the brink of suicide and reinventing life and business

23:03s Waking up to the storm inside you

24:16s Clarity and cataloging missed opportunities

28:14s Getting into coaching from FOMO and to stay in synch in his relationship

33:17s The explosion of coaching and the screaming need for leadership

37:01s Buyer beware when it comes to coaches or any service provider

39:02s The silicon should be serving the carbon, not the other way around

43:07s Real not right, don’t get caught up trying to do the right thing: make it real

45:45s Recipe for pivot: Read the Four Agreements

48:11s Clarity: Most important to clear your mind for 2021 as things open up

“The idea is looking for your impact cascade; doing the work that doesn’t just impact the folks you can touch directly, but cascades to the folks they touch.”

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