JJRR 82 Innovating arts and entertainment education – Touring with Styx – Non-profit entrepreneurship – with Liza Grossman

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Liza Grossman is a visionary conductor who’s passion is creating performance and production opportunities for students and contemporary artists. Listen to JJRR 82 as Liza describes how her new non-profit, Kaboom Collective, is innovating arts and entertainment education online. Focusing on producing creative marketable works, Liza has developed a collective of industry professionals and a multi-disciplinary curriculum making up the education you need to make it in today’s digital A & E world.

Kaboom Collective – The Education You Need to Make it

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06:08s Setting up home studio for Kaboom Collective, reconfiguring our lives

07:26s Leaning into your art, the education you need to make it ™

09:04s Kaboom Collective: students to creating marketable product with industry leaders

11:50s Building real world productions and artistic discovery

16:17s For ages 15 to 25 instrumentalists and composers, working with Brave Snow video games

18:15s Opening up multi-disciplinary projects / collaborations including animation

21:40s Digitally based, national reach collective for industry classes and productions

23:40s Industry classes on acoustics, video game scoring, producer 101, yoga and more

28:18s What’s needed now, Liza’s integrated approach to the arts

31:14s Starting out as a violaist, playing with the stars, and discovering productions

36:08s Working with the band Styx as production manager / tour director

37:18s Reaching out to Tommy Shaw’s manager

41:02s Styx with Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks

43:10s Working with partner Joe Weagraff

44:45s Advice for starting non-profits and origin story of naming Kaboom Collective

47:51s Funding Kaboom Collective with donors and student tuition

51:59s Realizing there is continued growth in everyone and to let it happen




“The idea of it is to provide an opportunity for our students to network with, learn from, work with and create marketable product with industry leaders from around the country.”

“The collective is the online thinktank and everyone is the educator, and everyone is a contributor and everyone is an artist.”

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