JJRR 85 Building a global social safety net – Secondary effects of remote work – with Sondre Rasch

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Sondre Rasch is a former government policy advisor turned tech founder who’s latest passion is building a global social safety net for the growing legion of freelancers, digital nomads and global startups working remotely. Listen to JJRR 85 as Sondre describes how the frustratingly slow pace of change working in government inspired his first startup. Now Co-Founder and CEO of Safetywing, Sondre is building product on the borderline of government and insurance to benefit today’s remote work lifestyle.




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12:34s Frustration working for the Norwegian government as the impetus for reinvention

15:57s Being a techie as a teenager gave insight into entrepreneurship

18:47s Wanting to provide benefits for worldwide team at first company leads to Safetywing

20:19s Why traditional insurance and health providers haven’t filled the niche

25:01s Use cases of a global social safety net

30:08s Where should a social safety net reside?  Within governments or the private sector?

32:34s Geographical countries need to move to competition model for internet companies

37:06s Evolution vs revolution, why Safetwing was not built on blockchain/cryptocurrency

40:47s Looking to add home country coverage for intracountry Nomads

43:18s Competition vs cooperation with governments and large corporations

48:27s Transition to internet and digital infrastructures

50:01s Secondary effects of remote work, specialized cities

54:22s The big choice: focusing on opportunities vs preventing change

56:38s Challenged by new technologies: crypto and machine learning

01:01:15s  Slow fundament knowledge vs fast changing knowledge

“We’re on the borderline between insurance and government. In many countries the product we’re making is applied by the government.”

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