JJRR 92 Million Dollar Body – Drink alcohol without getting fat – Nutrition now – with Nate Palmer

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Nate Palmer is a fitness and nutrition expert who’s into getting reps.  Repetition is Nate’s way to learn and master anything new whether related to the body or the mind.  Listen to JJRR 92 as Nate describes how putting in reps took him from being a trainer to coach by pumping up his knowledge of nutrition and bringing his business online.  Captured in his 2nd book Million Dollar Body Method, Nate focuses on the entrepreneur’s diet.  Listen to the end as we dig into the book, hear Nate’s favorite time to start anything new and learn how to drink alcohol without getting fat (seriously, Nate drops a great insight here 😊)




Resources – JimJim’sReinventionRevolution (jimjimsreinventionrevolution.com)

11:31s Genesis of Passport Fitness: how to stay fit while on the road

13:13s Blogging since 2011 and setting a goal or writing a book

14:28s How to drink alcohol and not get fat: lifestyle gains

17:43s How your body digests / deals with ethanol (alcohol)

20:22s Million Dollar Body Method Book: focus on nutrition, taking business online

28:49s Starting out in inside sales and hating it, finding a mentor

31:26s Quitting the job cold turkey and going all in on entrepreneurship

33:00s Growing up developing a millionaire mindset

34:54s Takeaway: Learning I can do anything

36:32s Now is a good time if you can’t start yesterday

40:14s Getting reps with technology; no fear of sucking

43:44s Let me google that for you

45:07s Reinventing from Nate the trainer to Nate the coach

47:40s There’s a lot of growth on the other side of stupid

“You gotta figure out situations that are gonna work for your life.  Because fitness gains are great, making progress is great, but lifestyle gains; those are important too.”

“I will always go and do things and get reps while I figure out what are the next steps.”

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