JJRR 93 Not a Guru – Resilience thru pandemic – Designing change – with Jem Fuller

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Jem Fuller is a leadership coach / speaker / author who, after losing it all, has roared back into abundance helping others create habitual perspectives that bring flow and success.  Listen to JJRR 93 as Jem shares how being disillusioned with corporate life and losing his job was just the tip of the iceberg that led to a failed marriage and losing his home.   Relying on FB surf groups to help rebuild his life, Jem chose entrepreneurship founding his coaching  practice and has been thriving online through the pandemic.   As Jem says only two things are a given in life “death and change.”


Resources – JimJim’sReinventionRevolution (jimjimsreinventionrevolution.com)

07:33s Not a Guru: leftover echoes of hippie days / lost souls

10:41 4 stages of learning: Un / Conscious incompetence, Un / Conscious competence

13:48s Struggling with paramedic resilience, building a course

16:52s Resilience: bouncing back and/or thriving 

19:30s Pivoting offerings online by being the brand personally, how to scale

 24:14s Inspired to write a book about communication for men during lockdown

27:45s Being caught in the ego in regard to communication

31:37s Being conscious about creating safe communication environments

35:06s Suffering the trauma of losing a close friend while in high school

41:38s Leaving home at 18 and having an identity crisis

44:25s Becoming a Dad and leaving the travel lifestyle behind

47:27s Getting fired, divorced and losing everything

51:10s Using Facebook groups to help get back on your feet as a single father

54:40s Going all in on coaching and dealing with imposter syndrome

01:02:32s Only two things that are definite: Death and Change (not taxes 😊)

01:03:45s Resist, Embrace or Design Change

01:08:01s Finding your mission drives resilience

01:11:01s Deepest sense of self: Identifying core values as self

“I somehow came upon writing about communication when we were locked down and communication was hard for people.”

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