JJRR 94 – From FBI agent to entrepreneur – Bitcoin Evangelism – Light Therapy – with Brian De Mint

#briandemint #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #bitcoinevangelism Brian De Mint is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about spreading the word about Bitcoin.  Listen to JJRR 94 as Brian describes how his dream of being an FBI agent shifted to entrepreneurship when he jumped into, of all things, the sun tanning business.  Having incorporated new tech and turning traditional tanning into light therapy and wellness, his business is now flourishing, providing time for his new passion of digital finance.  His new book, Bitcoin Evangelism, intends to educate and inspire his peers and anyone new to bitcoin.  $1000 Bitcoin wallet giveaway included in first edition!


Resources – JimJim’sReinventionRevolution (jimjimsreinventionrevolution.com)

07:16s Why are bitcoiners so annoying?  What about bitcoin fundamentals?

11:02s Centralization, decentralization and the Federal Reserve

19:09s Shifted trust vs. trustless, verified trust of algorithms

25:13s Less concentration of rich and powerful

27:37s Bitcoin Evangelism – the book

34:50s Internet nerds of 1995

 38:06s Pivoting from FBI Agent to entrepreneur

41:28s Long term time horizons

46:55s Leadership and creating incentive structures with entrepreneurship

51:00s Leaning into technology and wellness benefits of light therapy

55:18s Learning to be open and transparent as a benefit in business

“The way my mind works, and it’s served me well through Bitcoin and business, I’ve always had long term time horizons.”

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