JJRR 95 Candle maker to tech founder – Social Marketplaces – IN-N-OUT Burger rules! – with Inbal Claudio

#inbalclaudio #likemindedcollective #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Candle maker turned tech founder Inbal Claudio loves IN-N-OUT Burger.  Who doesn’t? Listen to JJRR 95 as Inbal shares how an early work experience gave her all-star customer service training which serves her to this today as Founder of Like Minded Collective.  A new social marketplace focused on female entrepreneurs, LMC provides an affordable and inclusive community that connects business owners with influencers, service providers, mentors and experiences such as webinars and masterminds. https://www.livelikeminded.com/


Resources – JimJim’sReinventionRevolution (jimjimsreinventionrevolution.com)

04:55s Like Minded Collective – influencer marketing meets FB groups

07:09s Business model of Like Minded – targeted to entry level overlooked by other platforms

10:11s Founding a candle company and discovering influencer marketing economics

13:06s Attracting both sides of a marketplace – tactical tips: Clubhouse rocks!

16:23s A reluctant entrepreneur: Inn and Out Burger as a training ground

20:14s Starting a candle company with no experience; learning on Youtube

22:59s Learning about influencers and candle marketing

26:18s Diving into tech development for custom website / software solution

33:01s Embracing management role as a skill – communication is foundation

36:55s Diving in headfirst the best way to go.  Be ok with making mistakes

38:54s Realizing you can handle more that you think

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