JJRR 97 Saxophone social media, Jazz Improv: Violence on your brain?, On tour with Steve Kortyka & Ryan Devlin

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Steve Kortyka and Ryan Devlin are leading saxophone improvisers who have leaned into social media content creation the past few years, spawing their new release “A Series of Circumstances.”  The guys stopped by the updated JJRR studios in person while on tour to discuss how they ended up recording with jazz legends and how learning jazz improv can sometimes be, as Steve describes, a “violent process.” This episode goes FSN (full sax nerd) but is illuminating to hear how 3 generations of saxophonists (including JimJim) think about and approach training the mind and body for jazz improv. 

Jazz Musician | Steve Kortyka

Ryan Devlin (ryandevlinmusic.com)

M. Records ~ “Where Jazz Is Supposed To Be” (pmrecords.com)

09:32s Remembering 2020 covid shutdown – Steve’s prior episode

11:03s Silver lining of pandemic: great time to build online presence

13:34s Learning about Youtube algorithm pay generation

14:56s Connecting with Ryan Devlin through social media

18:06s Ryan’s journey into social media – starting with random posts

25:30s Violence process of learning jazz improv

30:14s Ryan’s early experience learning music – asking Dad for lessons

36:42s Despair that creeps in when tackling a big challenge

38:45s Cold showers – a training for your mind

43:01s Putting together a new record with jazz legends Nussbaum and Perla

47:48s Booking the tour

49:52s Organically ending up on PM Records label, “where jazz is supposed to be”

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