JJRR 98 Strategic creativity – History of brainstorming – Ballroom dancing online with Robin Landa

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Robin Landa is a professor and author who’s passionate about staying nimble, remaining open to change and fostering creativity.  Listen to JJRR 98 as we discuss Robin’s two new book releases Strategic Creativity and the New Art of Ideas.  Building on the history of brainstorming, a term coined years ago by an ad man, Robin shares her 3 G’s of Goal, Gap and Gain to reframe the creative process into a customer / client focused method she calls Strategic Creativity.  And listen to the end for the debut of the Reinvention Game! How else would you know Robin is reinventing ballroom dancing for herself. 

Robin Landa

Robin Landa | Kean University

International Services | American Red Cross

06:28s History of the term and process of BRAINSTORMING

07:48s Impact of brainstorming on advertising industry

09:54s Updating brainstorming – using the 3 g’s: Goal, Gap and Gain

14:17s Using the 3 G’s within a group or corporation, daughter example

17:53s Strategic creativity – focusing on your customer: empathy for the end user

24:42s Build your brand – personal branding / professional promise in the digital age

29:03s Using traditional publishers and the changing landscape of digital publishing

31:15s The role of publishers pre internet and post internet

36:07s Wants and aspirations – great ways to think about creating new works

39:31s Playing the reinvention game: Understanding Tik Tok and communicating it to students

42:14s Playing the reinvention game: Becoming a book marketer

46:17s Ballroom dancing online

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