JJRR 112 It’s 2024! – Finishing Strong – Finding a Second Wind – with JimJim

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It’s 2024!  JimJim kicks the year off exploring what it takes to finish strong and gain that second wind.  Listen to JJRR 112 as JimJim reviews his “full on” 2023 and how 2024 is starting off slower and hopefully more intentional.  Listen to the end for Sully’s story of having dreamed of being a musician his whole life, recently learned a new instrument in his 70’s and is out in the clubs jamming.  Now that’s finishing strong.





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1. Recommit to your goal.

Review your list of yearly goals and pick ONE. If you didn’t set a list of goals for the year, there’s no better time than now to create one.

2. Make your action steps effort driven, not outcome driven.

Once you’ve identified your goal, determine action steps that are effort driven, not outcome driven. While my goal is a weight-loss goal, my action steps are all going to be things I can control. “Lose weight” isn’t an action. “Stop eating dessert” is.

3. Identify what you need to stop doing.

How are you getting in your own way and preventing yourself from achieving this goal? What actions are you taking that are moving you away from your goal, or keeping you stalled?

4. Identify what you need to continue doing.

What’s working now? Keep doing these things!

5. Identify what you need to start doing.

What are you not doing currently that would make an impact toward your goal?

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