JJRR 113 From Landscaper to tech CEO – Becoming unrecognizable – with Bryan Clayton

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Bryan Clayton is the CEO / co-founder of one of the largest lawncare online marketplaces.  Listen to JJRR 113 as Bryan shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey as a boy when his father “strongly suggested” he cut the neighbors’ lawn.  This first cut grew into a landscaping business so big, $10Million sales / 150 employees, that it was acquired.  Post cash out, a viewing of the Social Network inspired Bryan’s next move: software development.  Now reinvented as a tech CEO, Bryan is serving the national lawncare industry helping small businesses serve customers in the modern way.   




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10:06s Greenpal.com, the Uber/Doordash of Landscaping

12:28s The difficulty with traditional and common online search methods

16:05s Providing backend data & comms for small businesses – a “coach in their pocket”

19:55s Managing workflows, invoicing and accounts receivables

23:55s A 10 year overnight success – Greenpal is now a $30M annual revenue business

26:36s Starting to mow grass while still in high school and paying for college

30:05s Skipping corporate life and going all in on landscaping after college

35:00s Selling landscaping business and founding Greenpal.com landscaping marketplace

42:15s Discovering how hard software development is – ignorance in bliss!

46:44s Delegating from a standpoint of stewardship 

48:50s “It’s an adapt and prosper or die kind of moment out there”

52:33s Don’t worry about change as much as about the things that never change.

55:28s Be unrecognizable to yourself every year when building a business

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