JJRR 114 Tech Executive turned Novelist – USA as a Reinvention Nation – with Mike Trigg

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Mike Trigg is a veteran silicon valley executive turned novelist, blogger and guest columnist.  Listen to JJRR 114 as Mike describes how the covid shutdown propelled him into writing, leveraging his tech career to explore the impact of technology on society.  Finding parallels between startup culture and creative writing, Mike notes he was well equipped for reinvention and even considers the USA a reinvention nation (well said Mike).  BURNER, his latest release, explores the challenges of trust and truth itself in today’s politically polarized, technology-based culture.    





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07:30s Bitflip and Burner – recent novels by Mike Trigg

12:50s The Circle by Dave Eggers as a comp for Bitflip

14:18s Jumping into tech in the early days

17:50s The thought process behind the development of Burner

21:45s Artificial Intelligence as an accelerant to misinformation

31:32s Writing as a latent interest and discovering the “hero’s journey”

34:30s Requirements beyond writing for the modern novelist

37:58s The importance of financial support while pivoting

40:44s The silicon valley experience – “it’s hard to kill a software company”

48:36s The sense of urgency around AI

54:22s Reinvention: America’s Superpower

57:05s How to produce an audio book

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